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Burger Joint Restaurant



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    Ilham Shaykhspeare img 1

    So dissapointed. I have previously left a really good review when the store first opened a couple of years ago. The service and food quality was really impressive despite being pricey which kind of made you feel a little better because you paid for good quality unhealthy junk food. I don't know if it is under a new management but I would not order here again. The reviews in general seem good but please be weary when they were added. My order took over 45 minutes to prepare. I called twice before enquiring if the food was ready before waiting outside for kerbside pick up. When I got there it was another 10 minutes. So you can understand why I am pee'ed off a little. When I got home the donor was not included and called again for it to be delivered. I did not want any vouchers or discount. Not impressed at all. Now the quality of food is not worth the money you're asked to pay. The chips were double cooked, meaning it was cooked then refried to make it hot for delivery. The donor was laced over the top so you ate soggy chips. No 'special' sauce. Just Heinz ketchup and mayo. The salad had no cucumbers. The burgers were ordinary. Just a bit of ketchup and gherkin and cheese with flamed burnt chicken. I hope you find this review helpful. Posted December 2021.

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    Edwin Rodriguez img 3

    Started with the wings the wings its self I must say they were the best thing about the meal the burgers the patty was over done and dry slightly burnt it had sauce that's the only thing that kind of helped also the jalapeño bits was cold in the middle another disappointment was that they had 3 menus and some of the stuff I wanted they didn't have if I do go back it will just be for the wings to be honest

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    toufeeq ahmed img 1

    Worst ever restaurant in the area food which is served is 1 week preserved burger unhygienic no cleanness cannot even eat it for free buns of burger are with lot of fungus and bacteria still they served they don't think about customers never recommended please be careful before eating anything here..!! Never ever visit this place

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    Maz K img 5

    Doner had a great flavour, burger was nice and juicey, lotsa of green chillies , chips were very crunchy too :). Would defo recommend getting the joint box fire starter!.. update:no longer HMC ..so sad as they where very yummy. ????

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    Armani Khakan img 1

    Unfortunately , this has been the worst food service experience of my life! Food was not delivered after 1 hour of waiting from a takeaway that is 10 minutes away. After speaking to the manager on several occasions and him promising us “wait 15 more minutes” everytime we called , we eventually gave up and never received a refund nor our food. Baring in mind, it just a meal for two people! 2 people!!! How are they running a business where they cannot even deliver the food to people. Should really have new delivery staff aswell , impatience and the ability not to follow instructions is not a great look! Especially if u want more customers. I recommend not ordering for delivery from this place at all. Absolutely disgraceful service , communication and delivery. There are definitely better competition out there. NOT RECOMMENDED AND NEVER ORDERING EVER AGAIN !