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Key 2 Smile Dental Surgery



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    Kathryn Jessica img 5

    Went to this dentist yesterday for a filling and the dentist Madiha was great she keeps you informed throughout about what she is doing and gives you lots of advice about how to prevent future caries but in a non judgmental way. The nurse Nabilah was very nice too. Not to mention the receptionist Debbie is sooo helpful and in all of my experience of GP/dentist over the years (I’ve had a lot) I have never came across a helpful receptionist so she really is rare

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    Ally Branley img 5

    Had a good experience with recent tooth whitening exercise. Madiha Tariq was very careful with the prep so sensitivity risk was minimised, and was very approachable and clear with information. Pleased with the result. Nurse Nabilah and receptionist Debbie were helpful, professional and welcoming. Price was reasonable.

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    Sophia Davies img 5

    I was recently passed on to this clinic as it was the sister site of my regular practise which was booked up. I had a really thorough check up done by Dr Madiha Tariq, followed up by two fillings and a consultation about my wisdom teeth. She has a lovely manner, very caring, which really helps when you're having this work done. If you have anxiety around the dentist, she would be a great choice for you. The rest of the staff that I encountered at my appointments were all very professional and friendly including Debbie and Demi. Thank you all :)

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    Jo Dent img 5

    Great dentists surgery, beware lots of stairs. Had great experience with both dentists I've seen here, especially Madiha Tariq and nurse Jalil, very pleasant ladies very attentive and helpful. I had a very hard extraction and I didnt really feel a thing, over the past month Madiha actually phoned and followed up with me at least once a week to make sure I was OK, the first week I had some concerns and was booked in straight away and everything was checked putting my mind at ease straight away. Excellent service would recommend highly. Prices are very reasonable and private is definitely not over priced. Practice is very clean, as I said the only downfall is a lot of stairs if you have mobility issues.

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    ana pricova img 1

    I had a terrible experience with this place. I have NHS cover for dental paid for by my insurance and after calling so many places who didnt take on NHS patients, this place said it takes NHS patients and signed me up. The receptionist tells me they can take me on but NHS patients need to wait 1-2 months for an appointment and I agreed to wait. And so I waited, my pain was only in certain moments so I figured it can wait for 6 weeks. So I wait this whole time, come to the practice and when I sit in the dental chair, the dentist tells me she will NOT treat me as NHS patient. I felt really helpless, I need the treatment but I dont want to pay the private fees- not after agreeing to be seen in 2 MONTHS and waiting I really wanted to get what the nurse confirmed with me over the phone. The dentist apologized and said it was probably a receptionist COVER. Wow. So here I am, in pain, after 2 months wait and the dentist still wouldn’t see me even after this clearly wasnt my fault-offering me to be seen only if I pay their private fees. They sent me contact details to their sister dental practice where I would have to wait for another 2 months for NHS appointment- but honestly I am so fed up with how I have been treated I probably wouldn’t get a check there even if it was free. I would avoid using practice, take your money somewhere where they train their staff better and can own up to their mistakes. I wonder, if my tooth treatment would have gone bad, if they would say there was a COVER dentist on that day :)