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Bow Dental Surgery



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    Sadia Yesmin img 1

    There is a receptionist who is very rude and unprofessional. I went in to ask for an appointment and she rudely replied saying why are you here, we do it by phone. There was no queue but she proceeded to ask me questions about the patients in an angry manner and in a rush. Very very rude. I have not been able to get an appointment from them for 3 years! I do not recommend registering here.

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    Atique Alahi img 1

    Such a sorry excuse of a dentist.. was 3rd on que phone and waited over 2 hours.. eventually hanged up.. Went direct to dentist and they dont open the door but rather speak through the speaker with the door shut lock. I think there in prison or something. The disrespect is unreal. Will be moving from this place.

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    nasima alam img 5

    Rating For the dental hygienist only, perviously told by dentist there that they do the same cleaning, they don't, hygienist is much much better and spends more time and teeth look cleaner than when the dentist does it.

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    Jolene Hayford img 5

    3 Years ago, I opted in getting composite bonding and I found this practice when previously known as MC Lewis Dental practice and what can i say the service that was delivered was more than exemplary, I was listened to, consulted with all the possible options and treated like a person not just a paying consumer. I’m impressed to say the least and would highly recommend due to the cleanliness, friendliness and professionalism, Im excited to go back since I was delighted with my results I trust them to do a good job again. This place emulates quality over price and reviews.

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    Jenny Ammon img 5

    This is the best dentists I have been to so far. Adrian (my dentist) is the most caring dentist I've ever come across. I have a fear of dentists and he has made me so calm and relaxed since going to practice, he is always happy and like's a giggle . He always lets me know step by step of what he's doing and let's me take my time if I need a moment..the assistants there are lovely too..