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Klaudd Day Spa



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    Hemali Paw img 5

    Took my son here for his haircut for the first time. Claudia was very professional and kind. My son felt at ease with her

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    Sana Afzal img 1

    Worst experience EVER. DO NOT COME HERE! I booked a £90 treatment - Brazilian blow dry. This is a 3hour intensive treatment. I got there, the lady doing my hair didn't bother to introduce herself or run through the steps as this was my first time trying this. At the blow dry stage she kept pulling my hair - it was so painful her colleague had to tell her in Russian (she couldn't speak English) to be careful. The end result was ridiculous - I could have done it at home better! I asked if this was it and she looked confused and directed me to her colleague. I explained I was unhappy and she said 'oh yes sorry she didn't do the treatment you paid for, she did the £60 one' SERIOUSLY? If I hadn't of asked I would've been ripped off. She said it so casually thinking it's perfectly normal to do a treatment that is completely different to what your client has paid for and not even bothering to explain?! Absolutely pathetic. I had to wait and additional 20 mins after they ruined my hair for a refund via Treatwell (which may I add is only a voucher code when I was expecting the refund back to my account). Really I should be getting a full refund as they even made me cry! Worst experience I've ever had and i has Treatwell salons regularly. Please please do not come here!

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    Jan S img 5

    I got gift card for this spa for my birthday. I used it for floating massage which was really relaxing and enjoyable. I had a private room to get changed in and enter the pod in which you spend floating in water an hour or so in total darkness with just LED lights (acting as stars) and relaxing music. Would definitely recommend.

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    R G img 2

    Had the salt therapy treatment. The treatment itself involved being in a room with small salt particles being dispersed into the atmosphere. The environment wasn't very mood inducing or relaxing. I was unimpressed by the treatment, though admittedly, I have nothing to compare it to. Areas for improvement are more blankets could have been provided and my outerwear could have been taken prior to entering into the therapy room. Also some flagging at the beginning that my clothes would get visibly dusty with salt particles from sitting on the lounger would have been helpful.

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    S Begum img 5

    Clean lots of services on offer and my favourite is the salt therapy rooms. There's and adult and chile room. Massage chairs are not working anymore but it's a great atmosphere (light therapy) and always feel better when I'm run down with the cold flu and asthma flare up.