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YoniLuv Wellness and Spa



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    Nerissa Caesar img 5

    I had an appointment at YoniLuv Wellness and Spa on Saturday and it was amazing. They weren't lying when they say it's good to talk. There are so many women suffering in silence from an array of reproductive health issues, and nearly all of us just do what we can to deal/live with it and keep it moving; it's just what we do. But having the space to talk about this with Nadine who was understanding, knowledgeable and informative, made such a difference. As well as a thoroughly therapeutic consultation, I had also booked in for a treatment. I had a yoni steam, shiatsu foot massage and enjoyed a delicious cup of Goddess Womb Tea throughout. When my 30 minutes was up, I felt like a completely different person. I cannot recommend Nadine highly enough and will definitely be revisiting her!

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    Shana London img 5

    My first ever yoni steam and I was not disappointed. I actually saw the results quite immediately during my monthly cycle. Less pain and clear flow which has never happened before. The room atmosphere and set up was clean and welcoming. Nadine was super informative, friendly and just the best! Highly recommend the experience!

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    Andrea Corbett img 5

    My Yoniluv experiences have been amazing! I had my first Yoni Steam and wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but Nadine (the founder) made me feel very relaxed, by talking me through the whole process. The session was peaceful and I have since had a second session, as I understand the importance of the steams for my health. I have also had a session with the sauna detox blanket, again another great first time experience where I was made to feel comfortable and supported, with Nadine ensuring that I was ok at all times, whilst also giving me the space to be at peace in my own company. Lastly, I had a Hollywood wax, which was a good experience for what it is and Nadine was constantly making sure I was comfortable. On all occasions I was offered a complimentary tea, which are very soothing and taste great. Yoniluv will definitely be my go to wellness spa, as they offer a variety of packages that support my health and wellbeing journey.

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    Elle N img 5

    The spa that every wombman (no typo) needs. Nadine is so lovely and makes you feel extremely welcome at every appointment. The surroundings are calming and tranquil so I always feel zen when getting my treatment. I highly recommend booking any treatment on offer as you won't be dissapointed and I particularly love the Yoni steam as a general cleanse for the flower????

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    Alexandra Fletcher img 2

    Nadine is really lovely but my sugaring experience was not good and needed redoing - and in fact I'm pretty sure it was actually a wax as all others since have been completely different.