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Qibla Travels



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    Gazala kauser img 5

    Bismillah, My family and I have always used Qibla travels and they have always provided an excellent service. I've been Umrah many times through Qibla travels with my husband and family, however this was the first time I went alone with the ladies group and I must say it was 5 star all the way! I was so pleased to have met such a diverse and wonderful group. Mrs Khan went above and beyond at every opportunity from the level of organisation, to the hotel, food, tour and professionalism was all on point! Mrs Khan even provided services on a personal level by sending breakfast up to my room when I was too unwell to come down! May Allah swt grant Qibla travels barakah in everything thay they do and reward them for their immense kindness and sincerity in their work in bringing people of the deen together Ameen Gazala

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    saarah hayat img 5

    Qibla travels has been great from start to finish in aiding our journey to Saudi. We would not have had such an easy organised trip without their assistance and definitely recommend using them for booking your holiday destinations. We had a total of 6 travellers and all are more than satisfied with the service! A big thank you to Mrs Khan for being so informative with any questions or query’s we had.

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    sajid bahoor img 5

    We went for umrah and arranged the package with qibla travels. Alhamdulillah it was a very good experience and especially when traveling with children and not knowing what to expect!! Qibla travels put our minds at ease and it allowed us to perform our umrah with peace of mind. The transport manager in Saudi ensured he was always in contact with us from the time of landing there to the time of our return. The transfers from Jeddah airport to Makkah and from Makkah to Madina and the transport for ziyarat was all coordinated very well and on time. We would like to thank Qibla travels for making our umrah a stress free and a wonderful experience. Jazakallah Khair!

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    Kam Mullan img 2

    Unfortunately communication with Qibla travels was a poor experience for us. Flight dates being changed without consulting us which meant losing a day. We arrived in Makkah 7am which meant we would need to book a room a day before to ensure we had rooms available. This was a decision made to ensure elderly people could relax sooner rather than later, especially when in state of Ehram. When we arrived the hotel had no idea. We eventually got our rooms 3 hours later, besides one brother didn’t get a room at all and we ended up paying for his room instead. Support was poor from the agent and this could have been better. We felt we were not taking seriously and these issues could have been avoided if the agent really respected the fact that we were a big group with elderly people. Allah knows best, but once in Ehram we all know we have to be patient. What we don’t expect is difficulties caused by a fellow Muslim agent. We have not yet received the money for the room we paid for and each time we would confront them about a situation, qibla travels would take it negatively.

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    M Ditta img 5

    My mother really enjoyed her Umrah experience with Qibla travel. Thank you for taking care of her needs.