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Al-Ansar Travel & Tours



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    Abz “Kash” Hussain img 5

    Al Aqsa Tour 2022 Allhamdulillah, Allhamdulillah, Allhamdulillah. If you are looking for a tour agency that puts your needs, comfort and safety at the core of their business and importantly treat you like the guest of Allah. Then look no furthure than Al Ansar Travel and Tours This was my second time using the services provided by Al Ansar Travel. Like my Hajj trip back in 2019, Al Ansar Travel went out their way throughout our journey in Al Aqsa to make sure we the guests of Allah were cared for, our needs, questions and any conerns were dealt with promptly with professionalism. The unconditional love and care received from Kauser and his family towards the group was second to none. Kauser provided timely support and update from from the time of boooking till we landed back in UK and through out the entire trip In Al Aqsa. The guide used by Al Ansar Travel during our trip in Al Quds was excellent. Brother Medi Adel was experienced guide with a wealth of knowledge and professionalsim. Each day of our stay was throughly planned out from start to finish. The service we got was exactly as promised and everything was well organised and fautless. The service I received was unforgettable, Kauser made you feel like family and was always keeping an eye out for everyone especially the elderly members of the group and families who may have needed extra support. Nothing was ever too much trouble, what he could do within his means and control he would do. May allah reward Brother Kauser and his family for providing and assisting the ummah with services to visit the blessed lands of Mecca, Madina and Al Aqsa. In sha Allah looking foward to many more travels with Al Ansar in the furture. Ps : Highly recomend Al Aqsa trip

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    Amin Rahman img 5

    From the second i landed i knew i was in safe hands. Ahmed from Al-Ansar was waiting for us and helped us get our sims sorted. We arrived at our hotel (Frontel) promptly where Al-Ansar had arranged us food, because they knew we’d be hungry. We were settled into the hotel and Madinah and Makkah were amazing as always. Al-Ansar were always there to help us with any questions / concerns. Brother Kausar was always checking up on us to see if we’re okay. They arranged transport to the Haramain rail and dropped us to Madinah airport on departure. Ahmed helped us check in and get ZamZam. All in all it was an amazing experience. I would recommend highly to anyone to use this travel agent.

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    Abu Ibrahim img 5

    Excellent tour company. Went to Umrah with my family in December 2022. Al-Ansar was there to help throughout the trip. From the booking team to the ground staff fantastic personable service. I highly recommend you use Al-Ansar for your bookings.

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    Carrot Fish img 5

    The Al-Ansar staff & volunteers are the most kindest and hospitable people I've ever met. The visit to Al Aqsa was executioned so well and thoroughly thought out. I felt safe and very well informed throughout my whole experience thanks to the Al-Ansar team. I highly highly recommend travelling with this company, you will not regret it! May Allah allow them to flourish and continue to grow InshaAllah :)

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    adilandzahid img 5

    I used this company for my umrah travel for me and my mum. What can I say, amazing service and the people at Al-Ansar was really patient with all the questions I had and any worries. They sorted out everything from before I left to the point of me coming back to London. They have a dedicated ground team in both Madina and Makkah, which sorts out whatever you need whether it’s advice, transportation to your own personal landmarks you want to visit (Ziyarah). Even to arranging someone to do the Umrah with me so I felt comfortable and knew what I was doing at every time. I highly recommend anyone looking to book Hajj or Umrah with Al-Ansar, as Umrah is an experience you want made easy, and these guys have got that sorted! Will definitely be booking with Al-Ansar again in sha allah!