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    Sohail Ejaz img 5

    Great experience at the Al Aqsa Tour Ali and his team have made us felt safe on this lovely holy visit. Me and my wife are so grateful and loved the tour overall. The hotel we stayed in was excellent and perfectly situated. We did a walking tour of the old city, Masjid Al Aqsa & it’s surrounding monuments, a day tour to Islamic sites, all of which were very interesting and informative. Overall me and my wife are very blessed to have been able to visit Palestine, thanks to Ibadah Tours. Every Muslim should make an effort to visit this place.

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    zakir hussain img 5

    Booked last 5 days of Ramadan at Al Aqsa Jerusalem 2022. Ali was the group lead. The whole trip went smooth with no drama or issues. Ali was very informative and made sure our safety is top priority given the current tension visiting Palestine. Our group was a mix the youngest in the group was 2 and the eldest was around 70. The tours were done by Sheikh Saleh, who is a funny man. He is a Palestinian and speaks very good English. Ali is a genuine person and I recommend him and ibadah tours. I highly recommend you go visit Al Aqsa. I plan to go again next year. Insha Allah.

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    yaseen mohammad img 5

    . I recently went on the Brothers umrah tour and I can say that was a truly AMAZING experience. Brother Ali was tirelessly working throughout the trip , going out of his way to ensure that everything was flowing smoothly and that the brothers on the tour were having a lovely time in the blessed lands. We were accompanied by Imam Shakeel on the tour and I must say he made the tour truly memorable with all his beneficial knowledge that he spread on the tour. This is my third time using Ibadah tours now and long may it continue because I cannot see a tour being better than what they provide . May Allah bless the Ibadah tours team and allow them to continue providing their great services.

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    Nostalgic Myth img 5

    Bismillah. My husband and I were very anxious about our first ever trip to Al Aqsa due to media coverage over the years. However, Ibadah tours took care of that from the day of booking right up until we returned home! We visited many of the religious sites safely and were given a detailed explanation of each place by Sheikh Saleh. Brother Ali and Sheikh Saleh took care of us as if we were family members they went above and beyond at every opportunity, from the hotel, the food, the tour, and they even helped us with souvenir shopping! We felt incredibly safe and comfortable and our misconceptions were put to rest from day one of the tour thanks to brother Ali and sheikh Saleh. This visit has opened our eyes to what is really going on with the most precious holy and beloved land. We were both overwhelmed by our visit and have made our intention to visit again and again Insha’Allah. Our advice for anyone considering to visit Palestine/Al Aqsa (but not sure due to all the scaremongering) Is to just go! Book with Ibadah tours and you won't have anything to worry about, they take care of everything for you. The best spiritual experience ever guaranteed! We pray that Allah swt bless Ibadah tours for their genuine efforts and places more barakah in their business Ameen. Gazala & Tariq

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    Hanif Matin img 5

    We (wife and I) booked with Ibadah Tours to visit Al-Aqsa. Without a doubt it was the best experience of our lives. We found it hard to believe how this could be true given that we have been to Hajj and Umrah a few times. There is something magical about Al-Aqsa that you cannot appreciate until you go there. Alhamdulilah we could not have wished for a better experience all made possible by Ibadah Tours and our travel companion Ali. Not only did they take care of everything they went above and beyond to make the experience more special. We will definitely travel with them again and we pray that Allah provides Barakah in their tours. We have also made some life long friends from our tour group and intend on travelling together more frequently. Final message - If you haven’t travelled to Al-Aqsa yet then please make intention and go, you won’t regret it! Hanif & Lubna